D'Aquino Pinot Noir Veneto

Region: Veneto

Classification: IGT

Area: Veneto

Color: Intense Ruby red with purple highlights.

Description: Pinot Noir wines are among the most popular in the world. It makes the the terrific Pinot Nero in Italy, Burgundy in France and some good wines from Austria, California, Oregon and New Zealand.

Type: Medium bodied red wine.

Taste: Pinot Noir is a dry, red wine exhibits fruit-forward character with strawberry, cherry, raspberry and blackberry fruit taking the cake for palate presence. Notable earth-driven layers are also quite common in a glass of Pinot, with herbal, mushroom, leather, and game-like qualities being fairly familiar. Warm spice notes also make their way into the Pinot Noir palate profile, often in the form of cinnamon, clove and smoky, tobacco nuances.

Aroma: Red fruit – cherry, strawberry, raspberry, currant Oak – oak, cedar, smoke, vanilla, spice, pepper Complex – chocolate, coffee, tobacco, earth, herb.

Alcohol: 12%

Aging: Expect to drink it under 10 years.

Food: Cold meats, cheese, roasts, stews. Excellent with grilled salmon, chicken, lamb and Japanese dishes.

Temperature: 60° - 64° Fahrenheit, 16° - 18° Celsius

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