D'Aquino Valpolicella

Region: Veneto

Classification: DOC

Area: A group of valleys spreading from the foothills of the Lessini Mountains.

Color: Red

Description: Deep maroon

Type: Dry still

Taste: Characteristic, with light passito flavor and harmonious finish.

Aroma: Intense and fruity.

Alcohol: 10% - 12%

Aging: Superiore minimum one year, Amarone minimum two years. Up to five years the Liquoroso and the Amabile. One year only the Spumante variety.

Food: Red meat barbecue with the dry kind. Fruit, desserts, and pastries with the Liquoroso, Amabile, and Spumante varieties.

Temperature: Serve at 64° Fahrenheit, 18° Celsius.

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Collections: Veneto

Category: D'Aquino

Type: Wines

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