Caffe Espresso

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Ahh!! Coffee. Most people can’t start the day without it. It is a worldwide commodity and its characteristics are just as varied and complex as the places it’s produced from. An excellent “caffé” can be described in the same manner as an excellent wine, with hints of fruits and notes of acidity.

The D’Aquino Regular Espresso Coffee Blend has an intense aroma, a velvety consistent cream, and a full body flavor which leaves a rich, silky feel to the pallet. This is the taste of the historic D’Aquino Espresso, taste derived from the Italian tradition of the artisan coffee with its iconic blend and roast.

As with their wine, Italians take great pride in the creation of a great “caffé”. Our Espresso is made from 60% Arabic beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Columbia with the other 40% deriving from Camerun Robusta beans. All come together to create a rich, bold, full-flavored coffee, distinctive in taste and rich aroma. At 1.32% caffeine, it is a great way to start the day. Each tin has a 24-month shelf life but is best enjoyed by the “best used by date” found on the bottom of the tin, so stock up!


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