Incanto Marsala Sweet

Region: Sicily

Classification: DOC (1969) Modified (1984)

Area: Hailing from Italy’s sunny southern region, Marsala is an ancient city on the coast of Sicily.

Color: Deep - Strong Amber

Description: A higher dry alcohol fortified wine (18%) made with Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia grapes. The fermentation is halted with the addition of neutral alcohol hence sugar remains in the wine. Cooked grape must is added. The addition of cooked grape must and the ageing in oak casks give the typical amber colour of this wine.

Type: Fortified

Taste: Sweet and persistent, with strong hints of dry apricot and pleasant honeyed notes.

Aroma: Intense and persistent, with strong notes of quince and pleasant hints of dry fig and vanilla.

Alcohol: 18%

Aging: Aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months.

Food: Pastries and desserts, cheese cake and any type of cheese or confectioner’s cream.

Unconventional: round slice of Caciocavallo cheese with candied orange peel and caramelized sesame seeds on Crostini bread.

Temperature: Serve at 45° – 53° Fahrenheit, 8° – 12° Celsius

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