D'Aquino Asti Spumante

Region: Piemonte

Classification: DOCG

Area: Wide stretch of Langhe and Monferrato hills including part of the provinces of Asti, Cuneo, and Alessandria.

Color: White

Description: The 100% Moscato Grapes picked manually are immediately pressed and then must be filtered and refrigerated, is preserved at low temperatures until the following fermentation phase, in order to preserve the freshness of its bouquet. The sparkling process is carried out by using the “charmat” method at a controlled temperature.

Type: Sweet, sparkling wine

Taste: Aromatic fruit, sweet, well-balanced.

Aroma: Typical and delicate bouquet.

Alcohol: 7.5%

Aging: For consumption within a year.

Food: With ham: its residual sugar keeps naturally sweet and often glazed or honey-baked ham from making it taste bitter, and its acidity and carbonation combine to cut through the meat’s fatty richness and stand up to any side-dish or casserole.

Temperature: 42° - 45° Fahrenheit, 6° - 8° Celsius

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