D'Aquino Orvieto Classico

Region: Umbria

Classification: DOC

Area: An Italian wine region located in Umbria and Lazio, centered on the commune of Orvieto.

Color: Yellow glazed clear

Description: Orvieto is dry, but a semi-sweet style.

Type: Dry white

Taste: Delicate characteristic of grapes infavate, often mellow and sometimes also dry fresh.

Aroma: Has a clear fruity aroma, intense, with good structure.

Alcohol: 12%

Aging: Length of bottle aging: 2-3 months.

Food: Antipasto, heavier fish, chicken, pork, and veal with citric and acidic sauces; asparagus with lemon, vegetables with acidic sauces, sushi, risotto. Light tomato based pasta.

Temperature: 50° - 53.60° Fahrenheit, 10° - 12° Celsius

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