D'Aquino Vermouth Extra Dry

Region: Piedmont

Classification: Vermouth

Area: Piedmont

Color: Light, typical of Vermouth Dry.

Description: The Vermouth Dry is a dry vermouth, excellent as aperitif, long drink and essential for many cocktails. Best served as aperitif, multiple recipes available. Most commonly served with ice cubes and a lemon wedge.

Type: Dry

Taste: Balanced in its dry note and aromatic herbs aftertaste.

Aroma: Particular in its hues, very strong aromatic note and pleasant in its characteristics.

Alcohol: 18%

Aging: None

Food: Hors d'oeuvre

Temperature: Serve at 56° - 60° Fahrenheit, 10° - 12° Celsius


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Collections: Piedmont

Category: D'Aquino

Type: Wines

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